Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding Shadowbox

I came up with a way to showcase several of the items I made for my daughter's wedding. This is a shadowbox I picked up at Michael's for 40% off. I put lots of the items I had made on the velcro backing. It's not really velcro but that's how they sell it!!! Velcro will not hold any of the items to the backing so I resorted to my 3-in-1 glue and it all seems to be STUCK! There are so many more things but I picked my favorites! The flowers are corsages for a few of the events. This is such a fun way to display memories.
I have started a shop on It's a place to sell your handmade crafts. I have several wedding things I wanted to sell so have decided to see how a Zibbet shop goes. Here is the link. I hope to put a few more items up soon so hang in there!

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