Saturday, February 19, 2011

Armadillo Birthday

Wow...what a crazy few weeks it has been! We found a home in Colorado that we are in the process of buying. We absolutely love it. We are beginning the stressful task of the loan process and it can be very tough when your hubby is a pilot in the sky! Papers can't get signed as fast as they like. So, you can imagine the stress it puts on me when the bank wants something they should have sent us 2 days ago (when he was home) and they want it now. We managed to get through this week and get all the contract paperwork signed and delivered. Now we have to wait for them to sign and deliver to our bank to start the loan processing. As they take their good ole time...interest rates rise. So, that doesn't make us too happy. And Monday is a holiday. So, we will start all over on Tuesday and pray they have signed and delivered or we will start dealing with timeline issues for closing. What a nightmare but I hear it's the norm these days so we just have to accept it and pray for the best outcome.
So, this is a card I made a few weeks ago while I had time and knew it needed to get done. It's the cutest stamp and perfect for the recipient! It's a Dead Beat Designs stamp and it's colored with Copics. It is framed with a Nestie and distressed around the edges. I added a snip of twine to jazz it up a bit. The paper is a bandanna print and I couldn't tell you who makes it. I used my Home Pro to attach the stars in the corners - too cute!
I'm not sure how many more postings I will be doing before I close shop until after the move. I don't think I will be packing until Mid-March but time will tell. I will not have any desks for awhile after we move - until my hubby can make them for me. So, life will be at a standstill for awhile but I promise I will be back so hang in there!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! It is always a fun time to make cards and I know when I was a little girl that I always looked forward to V-day and choosing the perfect valentine for each of my classmates. It's even more fun when you can make that special card for each of your friends. So, this is another that I made for a special crafting friend. The image is not especially Valentinesy (my word!) but it works for me. The adorable little doggie looks just like my Muffy did and my friend also has a dog that looks like this so it was perfect for her as well. It's a Stampavie stamp and is colored with Copics. The sentiment is another $1 Michael's stamp. The white trim under that is a Bazzill trim that you can purchase in a package of many different designs. The image is cut with a Nestie.
Hope you have a wonderful day. We don't usually go out on Valentine's Day but I usually cook a special dinner for my hubby. I made a Coconut Cream Pound cake for dessert tomorrow and it's killing me to have to smell it while it bakes!!! I will serve strawberries with it. Got to get that touch of Valentine Red in the meal!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lacy Hearts

It's Superbowl Sunday and I really have no interest in either team this year so I thought I would try to post another card I made. This is about as easy as it gets!!! I punched three hearts and mounted them on cardstock! There are some cute glittery pearls between and checked ribbon bows on the ends!
We are on our way back to Colorado tomorrow to look at a home. We hope to put an offer on it and be the lucky winners. It's a beautiful foreclosure home that was recently listed and I'm hoping we will be the owners of it! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!
Have a great week! I hope to have a few postings here and there as time permits!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'm sneaking in here to post another valentine I made several days ago when I had more time. This was made with the Rubber Tapestry stamps. The "LOVE" was stamped and then all the various flowers and hearts were stamped with peg stamps. I really love my peg stamps but just don't use them as often as I would like. They really make quick and beautiful images. That's it!
Hope you are staying warm. We had horribly cold weather here in the Phoenix area yesterday. The winds were about 40 mph and the temps were about 40 so with the wind made for a frigid day for us. We had to harvest our citrus fruit trees to save them from the freeze we had last night. I thought my hands were frozen solid when we were done. We made OJ today! We are just waiting for all the trees in the city to turn brown from the hard freeze. It will not be a pretty scene around here for quite some time.