Monday, August 9, 2010

Ribbon Storage Solved!

OK, I have to admit...I have a ribbon fettish! I have TONS of ribbon. Several weeks ago when I wasn't posting on my blog...I was wrapping ribbon, and more ribbon, and more ribbon. I had ribbon everywhere and it's no wonder I could never find what I wanted. So, I have seen this method of storage on several blogs and decided this was going to be my next big project!!! I got a few sheets of mat board (like they use to frame pictures) and cut it into small rectangles about 2 x 3". I cut hundreds of them! I then just started wrapping ribbon till I went nuts! You can usually fit about 5 yards on one spool unless it is pretty bulky ribbon. So, I still have many round spools left that still have 5 or 10 yards on them. They will just have to wait!!! From now on, I will only buy smaller spools of ribbon. I will never use 15 yards of one color! I grouped the ribbons by colors and then put them into scrapbook plastic containers at Michael's for about $9 but I used my coupons for them. It is truly amazing how much space you save by doing this!!! I have 3 boxes full and they are sitting on top of my cabinets you see in the first picture. I have papers and scrapbooking supplies in the drawers. I love these drawers. You will see later that my husband built me a few desks for more of these same drawers. Much cheaper this way and they store so much stuff!!! OK>>>that is it for today!

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