Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nestie Storage

I know this is boring boring boring but I have finally found a way to store all of my Nesties (Spellbinders). I was given a photo album a few years ago and I knew I would never use it. It's one of those with the slip-in pockets. Well, I was determined to find a way to store all my Nesties. So, I cut 4 x 6 pieces of cardstock and ran a few strips of tape across them with my ATG gun. I just place the nesties on the strips. The nesties come like that so I figured I could do the same thing. It seems to be working very well!!! Now I can just flip through the book and see all the Nesties and not have to dig through a drawer for them. MUCH easier! My next project is storing all my Just Rite stamps. It's not as clever or cute but at least I can see what I have. I'm just stamping each stamp on a sheet of cardstock and then mounting them on a strip of tape on the same page. I am then putting them inside of page protector pocket sheets and into a .75 Walmart notebook. We'll see how it goes....I'm burned out on it now so will have to put it aside for awhile!!! Maybe tomorrow I'll get back to cards!!!


  1. Good idea Sherry! I do almost the same, only I use magnetic photopaper to put them on, and then place them in the photo album.

    I do also storage my stamps, the way you are going to do. Only the Justrites I have not stored like this yet,because they dont stick like the clearstamps, but your idea from sticky tape is marvelous, so I'm going to try that too ;-) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is a great idea. I have just begun to collect Nesties and will file this idea away for later. Thanks for sharing this tip!