Monday, January 9, 2012

Washi cards

I'm so excited about this card. You may ask, "WHY!" Well, my daughter-in-law gave me some "washi tape" last year for Christmas. At the time, I had no idea how to use it. It was a new one for me. Well, then January came and we were starting the house hunting process - seriously - and the next thing you know...we are packing up and moving to Colorado. With 32 years of STUFF, it takes awhile to get settled and find things (and I am still hunting). So, my washi tape kind of got tossed aside until this week when I found it again. So, I did a little brainstorming and decided to make my own paper from it since they were all such pretty colors. So, that is what I did. The tape has a smooth satiny feel and it tears easily. I just started putting strips on my paper and loved the results! I didn't want to put anything fancy on top of it because then you wouldn't see the washi tape! So, this is a simple card but a fun card! I had so much fun that I made a few more but I won't post those until later. I've seen a few rolls of washi tape in Archiver's but it's not as nice as this. And Martha Stewart now has some but hers aren't that nice either. This is in a box called "happytape" and I have no idea where you get it but you can probably google it and find it somewhere. I have 10 beautiful rolls in my box and they are all my favorite colors! There is TONS of tape on each roll too so it should last me the rest of my life unless I keep making cards like I have been today! (I got a little carried away!!!)

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