Friday, January 13, 2012

McDonald's memories

This is a book that I made for my brother for Christmas. He recently demolished one of his McDonald's stores and rebuilt a beautiful new store in it's place. I made a book to capture the memories of this remarkable event in his life. I purchased a cook book kit and used the papers, bags and some of the embellishments to make my book. He had a VIP open house for the big whigs in the city and used many of McDonald's products to make appetizers and desserts for this occasion. It was truly amazing to see all the things you could make from McDonald's ingredients they use everyday. The book is made from black paperbags. Inside each bag there are recipe cards that come out to show the foods they had at the open house. I got a hold of the special menu they had for the first week - and I shrunk it to fit my book. I also had a copy of the invitation - and shrunk it too. I had all my photos made at Sam's in a wallet size so that I could put many photos in a small space. For most of the books that I make...I use wallet photos. They are very cheap at Costco and Sam's. I also printed up some clip art Ronald McDonald figures to embellish the pages. I did add lots of cut ribbons to the binder rings but I guess I didn't get those on until after the picture. It did add so much more to the look of the book! All in all, it turned out really cute and he loved it. I can not get the photos to publish on my blog in the correct order - I'm still working on that one!!!

Have a great weekend!

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