Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holiday Organizer

Today was one of those frustrating days so I didn't have too much time to stamp so just finished up a project I started a few days ago. My craft room is getting smaller and smaller and I am almost at wits end trying to figure out how to organize and reorganize!!! I just have too much stuff!!! I am really going to work on not getting anymore STUFF!!! I'm sure it will be tough but I just don't have room. I have enough stuff to open up a few stores right now! Anyways...this is a holiday organizer made from a Penway notebook purchased at Walgreen's. I got my favorite holiday papers out - Debbie Mum - and just went to town covering it up! The inside has pockets for receipts or whatever. The tabs are really straight but the photo was taken at an angle so the book would stay open to see them. The tabs say: Wish Lists, Cards, To Do, Dates, Gifts, and Recipes. I think I had a brainstorm with my quilting project so hopefully tomorrow will go a little better! I'm a seamstress but not a quilter so this has become a very frustrating project! Hope your day is fun and exciting!!!

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