Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ooga Booga!

On occasion I enjoy getting unique cards and crafts from Aimee Asher online.  I found these cute candy bar wrappers to use for my Halloween trick-or-treaters.  We had 22 kids last year so there aren't many to do.  If we have more than that....well, they will just get theirs naked!  So, I printed these and then just taped them together and crimped the ends.  I added hair to the top.  The eyes and noses are popped out with dimensionals so they REALLY are pretty cute!!!

Today my sweet little Kaila turned our house into a snowy mess.  She got a hold of a toilet paper roll that was FULL FULL FULL.  We have the kind that you just slip the tissue onto so they are perfect for little devil dogs to remove and carry off to all parts of the house!  Bill was here.  I was here.  It was quiet.  We were on our computers in different rooms. can't imagine the fun she was having!  She is really into tearing things up into a million pieces.  She LOVES that!  It's her newest hobby!  Well, my floors were white, white white!!!  We were both on our hands and knees trying to clean up the mess that she made in the matter of just a few minutes!  No kidding!  What a mess!  So now we keep the doors to bathrooms closed!

There is a link at the bottom of my blog for a wonderful craft store I have discovered that has really good deals on paper crafting supplies and all crafts for that matter.  They run sales where everything is 30% off occasionally!  They have a very good assortment of everything.  It's my new favorite place to shop!!!
Have a better day than me!!!

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