Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lacy card

This could be used as a valentine card but that was not my intentions when creating it! I decided to try my hand at the punch around the page punches by MS. I started with a 5" square and went to town! I got lucky!!! How beautiful is that? So then I just started putting Spellbinder's dies on top of it and my card was done. I have wanted to use these Webster's Pages cameos for a long time and this worked out perfectly. The ribbon is silk and always makes such beautiful bows.

It's so hard to believe Whitney Houston is gone. She was such a beautiful lady with an amazing voice! It's so sad that so many people with such talent bring so much happiness to all the people in this world except themselves.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! It's one day that I prefer not to venture out to the busy restaurants so we will be enjoying ours at home. I have a few favorite recipes that I make for Valentine's Day. We may have more snow coming in so it will be a nice night to sit by the fire!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful card Sherry. Yes, I love the Martha Stewart around the page punches. You can also mix up the measurements so you can do a 5 x whatever other size is listed or any other combo. Stay warm and Happy Valentines Day. I agree about Whitney. All her money apparently did not make her a happy person.