Friday, February 3, 2012

Batty in love

Another valentine here! This is another of Paper Smooches' stamps which are so darn cute! It's a very simple card and those are always good when you are making lots of valentines. The papers are from my huge scrap stash.

We are having a blizzard here today. It started snowing yesterday at 4pm and has not stopped yet! We had about 15 inches of the white stuff this morning and expect another 10 inches or more before it quits on Sat morning. We have drifts up to 5 feet and now that the wind has kicked in...there are actually bare spots on our driveway. My hubby blew it off this morning so that helped. It was DEEP DEEP DEEP. He had to go to Chicago this afternoon so had to get out in it. Hopefully the flights will start going this afternoon. SW cancelled all their incoming flights last night and he was the last one in. They didn't want airplanes stuck in Denver last night and this morning. Good planning.

Hope you have a good Superbowl weekend!

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