Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Basket for you

My day did not start out too well! I have known for awhile that my Big Shot was about ready to go. Well, today was the day. It just quit. Handle won't turn. Nothing! So, I called a few of my favorite places locally to get prices on a new one. I wanted one NOW. I got a big order of die cuts on Saturday and REALLY wanted to play with them. Well, guess what? They are all $99 in town. So, I finally decided that I really could wait a few days and save $30 by ordering online. So, Wednesday will be a good day for me!!! I signed up for the 2 day Amazon Prime "trial" JUST so I could get it by Wednesday! I will most likely cancel after my month of free shipping and 2 days delivery. You know how us stampers are....when we need something...we need it NOW!

But, here is my final project before the funeral! I got this adorable basket die by Marianne. It also came with a flower and a leaf die cut. But, I was unable to use them so resorted to stamping some cute little eggs from a $1 stamp at Michael's (a few years ago). The little bunny in the basket is by Paper Salon (many years ago). And the green grass is hot fix fibers that I picked up at a stamp show a few years ago in Phoenix. I added a few rhinestones to the basket to bling it up a bit.

We have been so so busy here working on more house projects. We worked out in our yard all day yesterday and were ready to start planting a garden. Well, it was near 80 yesterday and it's in the low 30's now and starting to snow! Crazy weather! So, we changed gear and put up shelves in the garage. They were long overdue! We cleaned the floors yesterday so it's like a whole new garage today! Many more projects on our list - UGH!

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