Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Easter card...

Hope you had a nice Easter! Mine started out in a way that wasn't too pleasing to me! At the last minute, I decided I would go up to my daughter's house for dinner. It's about 1 hour and 15 minutes away which is not too bad - unless you have back troubles - and then it can seem like 15 hours!!! But, I did it anyways and was happy to be there to enjoy my first Easter dinner that I had not prepared in 32 years! How nice is that! And she cooks extremely well so it was YUM YUM good! BUT...before I left, I went downstairs to get her basket of goodies! Well, the Easter mouse had visited and ate HALF (or more) of the 2 Cadbury CHOCOLATE eggs in the basket! I was not happy. Not only that...but I had to drive up to Denver to deliver this basket and I was not about to look for a mouse in it. So, I grabbed a zipped freezer grocery bag and quickly put the basket inside and put it in the VERY BACK of the car. I feared that mouse would get out of there and come see me in the driver's seat and cause a major accident. YES, I HATE those critters. So, we made the trip with no problems and Josh and Brittany got the bag out of the car. Her dog went nuts over the basket. She knew there had been a critter in there and she wanted it. So, they emptied the basket as I stood as far away as I could get...and found nothing. That meant the mouse was back at my house! Oh no! Not good. When my hubby got home from work on Tues, we went and bought some traps. Well, guess what? We caught a BIG healthy mouse today! Yes, it was either full of chocolate or pregnant! Either is now gone and I am very happy. 3 more traps waiting for any other uninvited Easter guests! I'll keep you posted.

That brings me to my next bit of exciting news!!! We are going to be proud parents (not grandparents!!!) of a new puppy on June 2! It's time to have help taking care of uninvited guests!!! We will be getting a new Westie. It's almost like having a new baby. We ordered a pet pen and some toys today. I ordered a bunch of supplies to make some cute collars, leashes, and harnesses. We are still figuring out a crate and booster seat. After about the first year or so she will have the free run of the house if she is good. Until then, we would like to keep our new home together. So, my time with crafting will be severely limited as I begin the long process of training her. It's a LOT of very time consuming and hard work but I think I am ready for it.

Here is a card I never got posted. It has lots of diecuts by Spellbinders and a few floral punches that have been distressed on the edges. The white lacy edging is cut from a circular die. I used a $1 stamp for the sentiment and added some pearls and a bow. Hope you have a great day and I'll be back soon!

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  1. Beautifully done! Love the way you framed your sentiment and that fabulous bow!