Sunday, October 2, 2011

Holly Berry Bell

This is an ornament that was stamped with a Holly Berry Stamp. I stamped it 5 times, then embossed it and applied glue and glitter and then put it all together. There are tabs on the sides to put it together. Yes, it was a bit time consuming mostly because of all the glitter. But it's pretty simple to do. I had no idea when I started what colors I would use as this is my first attempt at her stamps. If you are ever in Colorado Springs...the Holly Berry House stamp shop is worth the trip. They have samples all over the store that will just blow you away. Most of their work is 3D and just out of this world. I could have stayed there for hours but I had my hubby sitting on a bench out front so I had 15 minutes. I have learned not to take him with me when I go again!!!
Have a great day and I have lots of things that I haven't posted and lots in my plans....we'll see how that goes!

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