Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quick and easy card!

I have a funny story today. My hubby and I were making a quick trip to the mall to get his phone fixed. Well, there are always kiosks in the centers of the malls with annoying people trying to pull you aside to sell you something. I usually ignore them and zip right past. It didn't work this particular time. The guy had some hand lotion that he insisted that I try. Ok, I tried it. As I was trying to get away he said "you have natural fingernails!". I said, "yes, and I plan to keep it that way!" He was so shocked that somebody actually had natural nails!!! I have never had any interest in the fake nails and I am too busy doing crafts, gardening, cooking and just have no desire to keep my nails beautiful! I guess I am in the minority but I thought it was so funny! It was almost like he had never seen them before! is a quick card I did today. The light color is actually the Kraft khaki cardstock but it looks rather white in the picture. Guess I need to brush up on my photography skills! The blue is a Quik Kutz embossing folder. The rest is a Spellbinder's heart pendant that I have just cut in several colors. The center is a cute button from my stash. The hearts at the corners are the inside cut-outs from the pendant template.

Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July. It's my first with my hubby in over 10 years so that will be nice. We are having an awesome church service in the morning and I will probably cook the rest of the day! I usually just watch the Boston Pops on tv and we will probably do that this year as it will be too hot to go watch fireworks! Have a fun day!

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