Friday, July 16, 2010

More fun stuff!

These are some of the corsages I made for the mothers and grandmothers for the wedding ceremony. I have 2 tupperware shoe boxes FULL of flowers I made for various events!!! I will post more later!
This was just a fun box I made to put photos in. The center opening could have their names and wedding date on them but I never did that part yet!
These are the garters I made. The top one is to throw and the bottom one is for her to keep. The teal flash is a butterfly. I forgot to turn off my flash on this photo!
I wish this was a better photo. It's a wreath for the flower girl to wear. It's so pretty. It sits on top of a HUGE champagne glass that would be the centerpieces for the tables. There is a teal ribbon around the base. I planned to put black marbles in the bottom a few inches deep. Then I would put a GORGEOUS teal rose in the glass and fill with water. There would be 5 black floating candles at the top. I was debating about putting a butterfly on the glass.
This is the flower girl basket made entirely from scratch. I made the base from heavy duty plastic like many of our stamps come in. I used lots of hot glue! It is covered in ivory satin and then a beautiful piece of lace around the base of the basket. I edged it with a rosebud trim. So pretty and fun to make!

You would think this would be it. I tell you...there is lots and lots more to come!

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  1. What a "crafty" person you are, everything is lovely!