Sunday, July 18, 2010

More crafty things...

A few corsages for bridal luncheon all handmade - even the flowers!
These are a few candleholders that I had on hand and just added a few decorations to them to be used at one of the dinner parties at our house.
This is the card cage for the reception decorated with flowers and butterflies.
This is a basket of hershey kisses that are in the teal color with their names and dates on the bottom of each. I decorated the heart shaped basket in her colors.
This is a topiary tree that was to be used for the bridal luncheon. It is made with tons and tons of flower punches.Three different sizes of punches make up each individual flower. They are applied with pearl corsage pins. The picture does not do these justice. They are really pretty!

More to come....

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  1. It is soo sad that your daughter eloped, but you have given me a lot of ideas! If the colors were right I may have been able to tkae some stuff off your hands. Hope all is getting better. Would she consider an "after elope" party? Maybe you could use some stuff then... Could you e-mail me the template for the wedding invitation? thank you