Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nutcracker Ballet Shoes

Happy New Year!!!
I'm finding quite a few things that I never posted since they were Christmas gifts. This is a pair of my daughter's ballet shoes that she wore for one of her many Nutcracker performances. She must have 20 pairs of pointe shoes that are just hanging in her room. I think about all the $$ that we spent on those things - from $92-100 for each pair! So, I decided to put one pair to good use and dress it up a bit for her to hang on the wall in her apartment. I saw the idea on the front of a magazine several months ago (can't remember which magazine it was) and knew I had to do it. I got out my handy dandy 3-in-1 glue and went to town covering the shoes with some red lace I picked up at Joann's. I then got out my brown and red beads and started hand beading the shoes. After I FINALLY got done with one shoe....I decided to glue the beads on the other shoe! Much better idea and much faster. And it looks great! I had some red tassels in my stash so glued those on. Then I made a double bow and glued it on. I had some red velvet trim that I finished off the inside edges with. I tied red ribbons on and I was done! I was going to put some red felt inside but decided I would wait and ask her first. She didn't want the felt inside. She wanted them to be "worn" rather than to look new. This was her FAVORITE Christmas present!!! They really are gorgeous in real life!

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