Thursday, December 10, 2009

Candy Bar Wrap Up

I hope your day went better than mine! At least I ended mine on a good note! Just got back from a holiday Christmas party and got lots of goodies for being one of the top in sales in my district - one of the largest in the country! I am #32 in sales for selling Avon in our district of over 2500 reps. I might add that probably the top 15 all sell in flea markets or stores so that is what I have to compete against! Very unfair as I only sell to regular door to door customers! I was pretty pleased with that and got lots of rewards so that is always fun!
OK...this is a Butterfingers candy bar that I covered in red cardstock and then just cut out an image from some old Debbie Mum paper. I added a JustRite tag and tied it to a bow - and I'm done! It took all of 5 minutes! And that's about all the time I have today so that was good! Have a great day!

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