Monday, September 17, 2012

Thinking of you ornament

We have tons of pine cones in our neighborhood from all the various pine trees.  So, I decided this year I would try to make something with them.  My hubby's grandmother will be 100 next year so I thought I could do an ornament to put on a stand for her room.  This is my first so it was kind of trial and error.  The tag is a Just Rite stamp and die.  I added a red ribbon bow and some miniature pine cones to the top as well as some cute green holly leaves which aren't too visible in the photo.  These were fairly quick to make so I may make a bunch for my tree if we get to put one up this year with our little terror that would probably have a PARTY pulling ornaments off as quickly as I could get them on.  It is in the 50's here today so she is VERY high energy and just about ready to rip the back off my chair if I don't quit soon!!! 
Have a great day!

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