Sunday, September 9, 2012

Becca's book

I'm finally getting back with a post!  I joined "Becca's"  (Amazing Grace)  membership club to get kits each month with everything you need to create and amazing Becca Creation!  She is one of the most amazing paper crafters in the world.  I have followed her for years and have always been amazed at everything she does.  She is truly a gifted lady.  So, here is her first kit for September.  I have not actually finished it yet but since I haven't posted in ages...I figured I better get something on here soon!  The kits are well worth the money even though they are a bit expensive for my tastes!  She included a stamp and die set as well as all the  papers and embellishments.  It's really a good deal.
If you are one of those who enjoys sending out cards to special people - that you don't even know - well, check out SCS on Tuesday Teapot Challenge for this week.  We are doing birthday cards for a 110 year old lady!  I don't think I will ever have that opportunity again so I jumped at it.  I didn't have time to do one special for her but had some gorgeous ones in my stash that were perfect so I have mailed mine to her.  We got the challenge early so that she would get the cards in time for her HUGE birthday party of 500 people!  But, it is not too late to send them.  She LOVES to get cards from strangers and attributes her long life to her love for people!  Hope she has a Happy Birthday!

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