Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It has been a long time since I have posted!  I honestly have not been in my craft room except to do 50 quick and easy cards for the Firefighters, Red Cross and Care and Share people for their dedication to our wildfires that have haunted us for the past week.  I think we are finally seeing an end to all this and I hope the summer rains are coming very soon!  I was lucky not to have to evacuate but 32,000 other people were not. 
These cards were very simple...just a few easy stamps and various masculine looking  DP's from my stash.  The inside has a perfect sentiment and some forest trees so I was very pleased with how they turned out for QUICK cards.
My little Kaila keeps me way too busy.  It's just like having a new baby in the house.  I guess I am just too dedicated to her and working hard on training her before winter sets in.  I would rather work really hard for several months and have a good dog than to blow it off and have a trouble maker.  It's an awful lot of work and very tiring but hopefully it will pay off.  She is really a sweetie but can also be a little red devil when she wants to be.  I wear lots of capri pants in the summer and it seems that most of them have ties at the bottom.  Well, she thinks they are for her and will hardly let me walk.  That drives me crazy more than anything!  Then when I don't have ties on the bottom, she still jumps up and expects to find them.  So, it just doesn't matter if I have them or not.  She is learning "DOWN" now!  We'll see how that goes!  She could get pretty fat on that command cause she ALWAYS jumps at my pants!  
Happy 4th of July (as I write this!)!

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