Sunday, June 10, 2012

My baby is here!

Kaila is finally here!  Yes, our precious little baby has arrived and is such a bundle of joy - and a lot of work too!!!  We love her so much!  This photo was taken the day we brought her home - just one week ago.  Both of her ears are now up as of today!  She is so so good and brings so much enjoyment to us.  I need to carry a camera with me at all times to catch some of her crazy things she does but that just doesn't happen.  She would try to chew it up too so no point!
I will be back tomorrow with a wonderful story for you.  One of the groups on SCS has selected my sister-in-law as the recipient of the Teapot Challenge cards for this week.  The gal in charge contacted me and wanted to do a challenge for Teapot Tuesday that could be dedicated to Regina.  We came up with a theme and will post the story on Tuesday on SCS under the challenges on the home page.  It is the Tuesday Teapot Challenge.   I will also try to post it on my blog so you can participate as well.  For those of you wanting to get started will involve making a card with white doggies, flowers and butterflies.  It does not have to include all 3.  Her address will be posted on SCS as well.  The ladies on SCS are the best and this group is VERY dedicated in getting cards to those in need.  Such a sweet group of ladies!
Regina goes to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully she will get some good news and they will be able to perform her final hip replacement surgery.  
Have a great week and I'll be back here tomorrow!

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