Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunshine Award

I am so excited! I just got the "Sunshine Award" from one of my blog followers. Here is a link to Mary's wonderful blog which you will enjoy as much as I do!
Mary does awesome projects so be sure to check it out! She has some great looking recipes on her blog so I will be trying a few of those in the near future! (I love to cook!)
I have been blogging for about 1 1/2 years. My main goal was to share my love of crafting with others who also have the addiction!!! It has been so much fun and I must say that is has motivated me to try to craft and blog on a regular basis. I know I have not been as dedicated lately but it doesn't mean I have stopped crafting. I have TONS and TONS of projects coming up that you will be bombarded with in October!!! I wanted to share them after the wedding! Many of these projects have created challenges - like today - and take time to figure out alternative designs! That is time consuming and can also be frustrating but it always works out in the end. I hope I can come up with a solution for my latest challenge!!!
So, thanks Mary and all my followers for hanging in there with me! I truly appreciate your dedication and support and wish you many days of happy crafting ahead!

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