Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 Planner

This is a planner I made for xmas gifts this past year. Just never got it posted because I made quite a few of them as gifts and didn't want them to be seen before xmas. The flowers are actually cut from a French wrapping paper and I stamped the background with a stamp that had lots of handwriting on it. I stamped it with a distress ink so it would be faint in the background. The rest is just layering. The inside of the book has 12 various floral prints from the same wrapping paper for each month of the year. I put a monthly calendar in the book as well as weekly calendars to write appointments on daily. I could never live without my planner book!!! There are pictures of the inside of the book back in my Dec 09 postings. This book is just a variation of the previous books. Have a great Friday!

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