Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spellbinders Corsage

My church craft group made these beautiful corsages this month and they really are quick and easy!   You can use your Spellbinders floral dies to cut the fabric too!!!  How cool is that!  So this was made with one base floral diecut.  Then you will need 8 more of various fabrics pieces cut into the same size and shape.  These were made from upholstery swatches from those books at furniture stores, upholstery shops etc.  Then you just fold each flower into quarters and attach to the base flower.  There will end up being 2 layers of 4  flowers that have been folded into quarters.  You will overlap the second layer so that it lays over the seams of the first layer.  Hope that makes sense.  I think you do paper flowers this way too...I just have never done it before!  You will need to tack down the centers of each quarter flower.  Add a button or other embellishment to the center.  I have a metal pin on the back.  My flower is very fluffy.  If you use a thin cotton fabric, you may want to do more layers.  These really are gorgeous on and evidently they sell for big bucks in England and even here in the good ole USA!  We only had one Big Shot at the craft meeting so I hand cut all my flowers.  Some of these ladies didn't know how to use a Big Shot so having to wait for each lady to cut 9 flowers....well you know how long I would have been there!!!

I hope you have a fun weekend!  Mine is crammed full of fun things so I'm excited!

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