Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Westie Valentine

I'm a little late getting this posted but better late than never!  I've had my little Aubree here for the past several days so my time has been with her.  So, this is my valentine this year.  I didn't have time to concentrate on making many many different ones so I just came up with one and varied the papers on it.  And what couldn't be more appropriate for a Valentine's card....a sweet Westie!  My good friend filled me in on the Westie look!  You have to put a few dabs of acrylic paint on the diecut and then just run a comb through it!  Yes, a hair comb!  Who would have thought!!!  I can't say mine is as beautiful as the one she made for me, but I love it just the same!  The hearts at the top of the card are a die and the ones at the bottom are a punch.

1 comment:

  1. so very cute. I love the comb idea and will try it on my next "fur" project. Do you have snow at your house