Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Texas Christmas Card!

I hope you are almost finished with your xmas shopping and craziness of the preparation for the holidays! I have several things to post that I made several weeks ago that I was saving until after they were mailed out. This is an adorable (at least I think so!) Christmas Card book that I made for my son and his wife. He was born in Texas and went to college FOREVER in Texas so I think he claims to be a Texan. He asked for some land in Houston for xmas so I think that means he wants to go back there. He is in pilot training in the Navy now so is stuck in Oklahoma for awhile - and enjoying it! And NO, he won't be getting "land" for xmas - at least from us!!! So, ANYWAYS...this is a little book that I made with the 12 days of Christmas - Texas style. I ordered the kit from Stamp Salado in the Austin area of Texas. I just HAD to have it and the ladies were kind enough to send me the kit from a class they were teaching there. Most of the stamps are from Dead Beat Designs. These are just a few of the pages of the book but it gives you an idea of the rest of the book. Most of the pages are embossed and sparkly so it's really a cute book. The edges are distressed.
Merry Christmas!

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