Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I got Boo-ed!

I got BOO-ed last night! It was a good BOO too! I found a plate full of WARM Snickerdoodle cookies at my front door. There aren't too many left today! We managed to devour them! Well, I got a new cookbook a few days ago and was dying to try these new "cake pops". It is an awesome book and evidently just came out. I found some Halloween pops to make and decided to do ghosts - most appropriate for this occasion! They were simple to make but rather time consuming (about half a day of fun and play!!!). I could not find a black edible ink pen like the book suggested for making the faces. I tried the black gel - it never dried so I couldn't use that. So, I resorted to some tiny chocolate sprinkles I had for cookie decorations. They worked. I wrapped the ghosts in lollipop wrappers that I had from other occasions and tied with Halloween ribbons. They are still just too cute....even with the not so ghostly faces! I think the recipients will be happy.

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