Friday, October 8, 2010


Well, I'm still trying to figure out these darn contact lenses!!! I've tried monovision contacts with absolutely no satisfaction. They went in the trash after one week! Next I went to multifocal lenses - with much improved vision but still not quite as happy as I would like to be. Now I'm trying a distant lenses in one eye and nothing in the other eye. I see fairly well without reading glasses but I see a little better with them. So, I use my readers if I need them with this set up. Not sure I like it either! I think the doctor's office is getting tired of me! I guess since I've had excellent vision for most of my life, it's going to be hard to satisfy me. I really hate glasses. I think I should have found a better eye doctor who has lots of experience with contact lens users. My doctor is in Sun City, AZ - so most of the patients are probably senior citizens and don't use contact lenses. But, when we were looking for an OPTHAMOLOGIST, he was the only one listed and I don't even think he is an Opthamologist! Kind of upsets me because that is what I am paying for. Both my husband and I have some eye history that needs to be followed by an opthamologist rather than an optomotrist so that is why we went this route. UGH... Getting old is not fun!!!
SO...this is my card for today. The spider is another $1 stamp from Michael's. The DP's are scraps from who knows where! The ribbon is a suede ribbon and it actually has a cool knot tied over on the right side - you probably can't see it! The spider images is sponged with green distress ink.
Have a great weekend. I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow! (if I can see to do it!!!)

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