Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, I am so thrilled! I found a shadowbox this morning although it's not exactly the size I wanted but it works. The outside edges of the shadowbox are all embossed metals in 4 different colors. They are done with Ten Seconds Studio molds on metal. I just ran them through my Big Shot and trimmed the edges to fit the box. The inside of the box is lots of fun stuff from Tim Holtz, Home Pro, Ten Seconds Studio, Graphic 45 and Hannah Grey. I was truly inspired by some shadowboxes that Tim Holtz did this summer in some workshops in Texas. I didn't get to go so was determined I could figure this out on my own. I did! To me, this is a work of art that I truly adore. Many people would just say it is a box with junk in it! (most of my relatives would say that...including my husband!!!) I had so much fun making this. There are a few pieces of embossed metal inside too. The shadowbox was purchased at Michael's for 40% off of $14.99!!! Have a fun crafty day too!!!

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