Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Die Organization

It's so good to be back in my craft room today for a short while.  My grand doggy left this afternoon.  It was a rough week.  Kaila wanted to play and Bella refused.  Bella was pretty down in the dumps the whole time. I think she was pretty disappointed she wasn't the only child (dog) anymore.  So, she did lots of pouting and was quite grumpy.  Kaila finally decided this last day that she would not put up with her anymore and started fighting back.  It was pretty funny.  So...this is about all I could do this past week...organize my hundreds of dies!  Yes, hundreds!  I purchased a plastic container at Staples for about $6.  Then I sent my hubby to Home Depot to pick up some "Vent Covers".  They are sheets of magnets - 3 to a pack.  I cut them up to fit my dividers I made out of some very heavy cardstock my daughter got from her work.  It's actually packaging used for frozen foods, but it hasn't been printed yet. Anyways...I cut each sheet into 6 pieces about 5 x 4.  I got 18 pieces out of one package for $4.47.  Can't beat that!  It's the cheapest way to get sheets of magnets!  I then punched out the divider labels and organized the dies a little better.  Looks like I need to find a better way to attach them...the first one is falling off!  I have some good glue so that won't be a problem.  I think I am going to love this!!!  I have all my dies in one spot!

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