Thursday, November 17, 2011

In Sympathy

I seem to be making too many of these cards lately. Not much to this one either! I made this a few weeks ago and just never got it posted. I don't remember whose paper this is and I have too many pads to go through to find it and not enough time for that. I think if you need to know you can check back on my blog and find another card made with it too and it may be listed there. The sentiment is by My Sentiments Exactly.
Well, ours winds got up to 115 mph last weekend when the trampoline came and hit my house 2 times. It moved another 30 feet that night but no damage. The neighbors said they would be getting another one in the spring. Guess they haven't learned! The first two blew away and you would think they would figure it out after that. We are expecting 90 mph winds this weekend! I'm truly NOT looking forward to it!
Have a great Friday!


  1. That is nuts about your windspeeds outthere. I thought I was going to blow away on Powers Sat morning. Don't know how the guys played football at all that day. Your neighbors need to anchor their trampoline somehow. Take care and thanks for sharing this nice card.

  2. Have been concerned about you. Hope everything is okay.