Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary

This is a card I made for my sister-in-law. She is in the nursing home and has been there since August. I'm trying to send a card each week to her. I just can't imagine myself in a nursing home for that long and she is just a few years older than me. She will have her hip put back in whenever her infection heals. It's not healing very fast at all either.
This card was made with a black embossed card stock which you can barely see in the picture. The black and gold DP is also embossed and very beautiful paper. I embossed the sentiment in a metallic gold as well. It seems cards with any shine on them do not photograph well and I'm not a pro at photography so this will have to do!!!
Hope you have a great weekend. I just had a trampoline hit my house in 2 different spots so I'm a bit shaky. The winds are over 40 mph. I will never understand why people don't bolt those things down. The last house we lived in we had the same thing happen. It costs US $2000 because their insurance company said it was and act of God so they wouldn't pay. We had to pay the deductible on our insurance and have them cover the damages. And the redneck neighbors stood over their fence and watched US clean up THEIR mess in our yard. They never offered to come help. SO...we took all the pieces to the trampoline and set them in THEIR front yard. Why should we have to worry with their trash! I have emailed these neighbors and of course they are not home and probably gone for the weekend. I will be on pins and needles all night for fear that thing will blow back up at my house. My hubby is gone so I have nobody to get it away from our house. I did go out and SLASH it. I was pretty angry and I figured that might prevent it from coming back at our house again. It's pretty windy outside and it is just teetering on the fence, tree and my driveway. It will just take one wind to come up underneath it to blow it against my house. UGH...

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