Monday, June 24, 2013

Baptismal card

I am back with a post of a baptismal card I made for my granddaughter.  This was made with lots of Spellbinder's dies.  The stamp is a very old stamp I have had for many years and I'm unable to make out the name of the company that makes it.  Sorry about that!  I stamped and cut it out and added a few hints of pink on the bows, lace and hanger.  Pearls were added to the card for added embellishments.
Here is a link for the directions for making the Star Album that was posted previously.  Hope this helps!

I used 4" high pages rather than 5 3/8" (or whatever was used) as shown in the directions.  I used the amount of pages that I needed for the amount of pictures I wanted to display.  It turned out beautifully and my folks really enjoy it.  The book is very quick to put together too so that makes it even more fun!

I have had several people ask me about the wildfires.  Yes, I did have to evacuate for 4.5 days.  My house is fine, no damages here.  I will be going through the house taking pictures of EVERYTHING so we will be more prepared in the event of another fire.  If I go through the trouble of doing this...there will be no more fires so that is my plans.  I can't tell you how horrifying the experience was and the nightmares I am still having now!  Thanks for the prayers...God answered them!

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